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Nagamine Rheumatology Orthopedics Clinic

Share the joy of a healthy body and add vitality to your life. At Nagamine Rheumatism and Orthopedics Clinic, we share that joy and help each patient lead a truly healthy and fulfilling life.


A feature of our clinic is our advanced technical capabilities in rheumatology treatment. Rheumatic diseases require a delicate approach tailored to individual symptoms. Our medical team brings together the latest treatments and experienced specialists.

We provide the best treatment and warm support to those suffering from pain and inconvenience. Your health is our top priority. Let's take a step towards the future together through care tailored to each individual. "

Higashimachi Orthopedic Clinic

We will bring a new wind of medical care to the land of Karatsu. A clinic that will play a role in the healthy future of the region has been born in the vast land of northwestern Saga Prefecture. Higashimachi Clinic has made a new start, inheriting the history of its predecessor, Kawaguchi Orthopedics.

As we take a new step as a medical corporation, we welcome the director of Nagamine Rheumatology Orthopedics Clinic, who will provide medical care to everyone with even more expertise and reliability. Located in the center of Karatsu, we provide community-based medical care and support each patient's healthy future. Please feel free to contact us please.

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