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Connecting people with medical care
portal site to connect people with medical care

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​Company Profile

Higashimachi Clinic MGgroup Head Office.jpg


​Company name:   MG Group Japan LLC January 2024 Capital 50 million yen

Change of capital increase Co., Ltd.

Address: 25-8 Toppa, Katori City, Chiba Prefecture

CEO: kenny Yamashita, Junichi Nagami

Business content:


        Portal site Matching site Planning and operation

        Medical clinic management

        Regenerative medicine business

        Medical seminar

        General IT marketing

Phone number: 080-9287-5373





​Our Features


Our mission is to fulfill new developments in the future of healthcare by bringing together experienced board members from our incubation and financing businesses, as well as from abroad.


Our pursuit is to boldly confront challenges that traditional medical services cannot adequately solve. Our mission is to provide personalized advice to the health-conscious, the longevity-seeking, and those with a wide variety of health needs in their lives. Our mission is to help people lead healthy and fulfilling lives by providing solutions to their concerns in various positions and situations, as there is a great deal of individual variation in this field.


In light of the rapid evolution of medical technology, another important goal is to create a place where medical professionals can share information and collaborate without borders in the Asian region. It should be noted that not only medical professionals but also leading members with proven track records in their respective fields occupy important positions in economic activities. In this way, we aim to provide sustainable services and contribute to society as a whole.


Our objective is to build a portal site that offers ways for men and women, young and old, to lead healthy and fulfilling lives from the perspectives of medical experts, food experts, osteopaths, spiritual experts, and beauty-related professionals, and to propose complementary health foods, medical products, and medical technologies as well as solutions to serious conditions through cutting-edge medicine. In this way, we take pride in meeting individual needs and contributing to the health and well-being of society as a whole.


And this portal site has been named "Reverse Age City" by the doctors.

This medical matching portal is free to register and provides a forum for the exchange of useful information. We sincerely hope that you will join us and make it a place that will be loved by more and more people.


All Board Members

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