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Terms of use for menekilife

At menekilife, we aim to provide top-level service so that all customers, from first-timers to repeaters, can have the best shopping experience. That is why we have transparent, fair and clear terms of use. Please see our terms and conditions below. Feel free to ask us any questions.

Artichoke Spread
Apples in a Crate
Picking Vegetables
Home Grown Vegetables
Home Grown Vegetables
Farming Leafy Greens
Freshly Picked Food
Fresh Apples
Woman with Crate of Vegetables

About shipping policy

Shipping procedure

Please fill in the shipping conditions here. Please fill in the shipping method, packaging, price, etc. Concise and easy-to-understand explanations will earn your customers' trust and lead to future use!




This is the column to fill in the return conditions. Include details on how you can return or refund after purchase. By clearly showing the procedure, you can build a relationship of trust between the shop and the buyer.


About the menekilife warranty


This is the column for disclaimers and warranty provisions. Please inform the customer about various services that are applied after purchasing the product. Since it is a contract about the handling of the purchased product, clear notation without omission is required. Furthermore, this disclaimer is legally binding. Therefore, by expressing it in an easy-to-understand manner, it gives customers a sense of security and leads to gaining their trust.

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privacy policy

Your data is strictly protected

This is a column to fill in the personal information protection policy. Please provide information regarding the protection of your store and customer personal information. Include details on how you handle customer bank account information for payment authorization, how you collect customer personal information, and how you handle personal information after a purchase is completed.

Your customer's privacy is of the utmost importance in doing business, so please ensure that you have an accurate and detailed policy. Don't forget to explain in easy-to-understand terms. By doing so, customers can enjoy shopping with peace of mind.

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