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ULUPO Cosmetics 

Anti Aging Starts Here

NEW Ulpo Silky Serum Lotion/Cream
Birth of lotion and cream made from silk extract essence and Japanese human stem cell culture supernatant

Silky serum cream 30g

13,200 yen (tax included)

Silky serum lotion 120ml

8,800 yen (tax included)

Point of Ulupo Product


Point 1

Top formula with Italian silk extract
ULUPO Silky Serum Lotion Cream is luxuriously formulated with Italian silk extract as a base ingredient.


Point 2

Luxuriously formulated with beauty ingredients
In addition to silk extract, it contains a high concentration of ingredients that are focused on anti-aging telomere theory and highly concentrated raw human stem cell culture supernatant.


Point 3

Safe and secure prescription design
No parabens, ethanol, synthetic colorants, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, UV inhibitors or petroleum-based surfactants are used.

Base ingredient "Italian silk extract"

Silk extract is rich in sericin, a type of protein extracted from silk thread.

Sericibeauty effect of

1. Moisturizing function

2. Antioxidant

3. UV rays

Among the substances that exist in nature,The composition of sericin is most similar to that of human skinIt is said. Sericin can retain moisture for a longer period of time than collagen. It has high adsorption to the skin and hair and penetrates into the skin to keep it moisturized. And it is absorbed precisely in the part that needs moisturizing, replenishes moisture not only on the surface of the skin but also deep inside the skin, and activates the cells.

The ability of sericin to suppress the action of active oxygenis at the same level as vitamin C and prevents aging skin such as wrinkles and spots.

Sericin itself also blocks UV raysIt has a double effect of inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, which produces melanin pigment.

100% pure human stem cell culture supernatant made in Japan

Contains hundreds of growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, etc.
EGF (epidermal growth factor), BFGF (basic fibroblast growth factor), IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor), TGF-α (transforming growth factor), VEGF (vascular It contains growth factors such as endothelial cell growth factor) and realizes fundamental care that activates and regenerates cells.  
・ Abundant evidence of efficacy and safety in Japan

Beauty effects of sericin

Gold Award Winning Ingredient Adipophyllin

  • It prepares the base of the skin, such as sunken cheeks, sunken eyes, and lips, which are noticeable with aging, and leads to plump and firm skin.

Gold Award Winning Ingredient Rogerin

  • It is a true aging care peptide that prevents the cause of aging itself. It is said to be the ultimate anti-aging weapon that corrects the disorder of the skin composition that has progressed around the neck.

In addition, 5 types of collagen, 5 types of hyaluronic acid, 5 types of ceramide
It contains Nerula, which is said to be 10 times more effective in whitening than arbutin, a royal biosite with anti-inflammatory action.
It was born as a luxurious lotion cream that generously blends carefully selected state-of-the-art ingredients such as vita sauce, an ingredient that attracts attention in the telomere theory.
・Recommended for all ages, genders and skin types.

ULUPO before after.jpg

ULUPO Silky Serum Series 

This is a picture after using ULUPO Silky Serum Lotion and Serum Cream for 2 weeks! In just 2 weeks, I'm very happy to hear from so many people, "Did your skin look beautiful?!" Doubling! It was good for toning up the skin, feeling firmness, tightening pores, and dullness.

ULUPO bfore after body cream.jpg

Miracules Mineral Cream 

I applied ULUPO Miracules Mineral Cream in the morning before changing clothes and in the evening after taking a bath. Not only is it good for your stomach, but it's also great for swollen legs, tired shoulders, and stiff neck! When I had time, I applied the cream all over my body. I woke up refreshed without carrying over the next day's fatigue!

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